Primary damage: Water/flood
Secondary damage: -
Highlights: Enhanced Vehicles
Ownership Doc Type: Salvage title
VIN: 1TC3B430571011336
Lot #: 48758899
Make: Coah
Model: Chaparral
Year: 2007
Trim: -
Body style: -
Color: White
Odometer: - mi (E)
Transmission: -
Drive: -
Engine: -
Fuel type: -
Keys: Missing
Title: Salvage title
Location: IL - Alorton
Sale status: On Minimum Bid
Sale date: -
Retail value: $14,427
Repair cost: -
Seller: -
Time left: - d - hr - min
Current bid $0 BID
Amount of sold 2007 COAH CHAPARRAL Weekly
Popularity level Among Coah models of 2007
Very low
Among all makes and models of 2007
Very low
The most often damage Primary damage
Final bids No sales in the last 30 days
Odometer value No sales in the last 30 days
Other 2007 COAH CHAPARRAL With the same title group 0 vehicles With the same primary damage 0 vehicles
Past auctions No past auctions were recorded for this vehicle
Similar CHAPARRAL 1138 cars found

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